Best Under Desk Drawer Top 2 Ranked [2023]

    best under desk drawer

    An under desk drawer is a convenient and practical addition to any workspace. It allows you to keep your desk clutter-free and organize your workspace efficiently. Whether you work from home or in an office environment, having an under desk drawer can help you make the most of your workspace. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of under desk drawers to help you choose the best one for your needs.

    Tired of having a cluttered workspace? Can’t seem to find enough storage space to keep all your office supplies organized, especially your documents? The under desk area is an overlooked space that can be utilized to increase storage and reduce clutter. But how can you find the best under desk drawer to suit your needs?

    A messy workspace can cause unnecessary stress and reduce productivity, leading to a lack of motivation and focus. Additionally, when important documents and supplies are not properly stored, there is an increased risk of misplacing or losing them. It can be frustrating having to constantly search for things that should be within reach. Don’t let a messy desk interfere with your daily routine. Take control of your workspace and invest in an under desk drawer to help declutter and organize your supplies.

    Finding the top under desk drawer can be overwhelming with many available options, from size to material and style. However, the perfect under desk drawer for you is dependent on your individual needs. Some must-have features include the right size to fit under your desk, durable material, and enough compartments to organize supplies. So take control of your workspace, organize your documents, reduce clutter, and increase productivity.

    The Best Under Desk Drawer on the Market Right Now

    Discover the top under desk drawers to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Perfect for optimizing small spaces and easy access to important documents or supplies.

    1. Safco Products Onyx Mesh Small Drawer

    Safco Products Onyx Mesh Small Drawer

    The Safco Products Onyx Mesh Small Drawer is a versatile and compact storage solution for your desk or workspace. This drawer is made of durable steel mesh and comes with a single, spacious compartment, making it ideal for storing small office supplies, documents, or personal items. The slide-out drawer design allows for easy access, and the rubber feet prevent scratching or slipping. This small drawer can be easily placed on a tabletop, desk, or shelf, and is a great way to keep your workspace clutter-free.

    Unique Features

    • Durable steel mesh construction
    • Slide-out drawer design for easy access
    • Rubber feet to prevent scratching or slipping
    • Compact and versatile, ideal for small storage


    • Compact and easy to place on any table or desk
    • Durable steel mesh construction ensures longevity
    • Spacious compartment provides ample storage space


    • May not be suitable for larger items
    • Only comes in one size

    2. Officemate Oic Achieva Deep Drawer Tray

    Officemate OIC Achieva Deep Drawer Tray

    Officemate OIC Achieva Deep Drawer Tray: Overview

    The Officemate OIC Achieva Deep Drawer Tray is an excellent product for anyone who wants to keep their desk organized. The tray is made of high-quality plastic, and it fits perfectly in almost any type of drawer. It is deep enough to hold a wide range of items, including office supplies, snacks, and other things you might need at your desk.

    The Officemate OIC Achieva Deep Drawer Tray comes with two dividers that enable you to create sections inside the tray. This way, you can keep your items neatly arranged while still having easy access to them. The dividers are adjustable, so you can customize the size of the sections to fit your needs.

    Unique Features

    – Made of high-quality plastic that is durable and long-lasting.
    – Comes with adjustable dividers that allow you to create sections in the tray.
    – Deep enough to hold a wide range of items, including office supplies, snacks, and other things you might need at your desk.
    – Fits perfectly in almost any type of drawer.
    – Easy to clean and maintain.


    – Helps keep your desk organized and clutter-free.
    – Can be used for different purposes, including organizing your office supplies, snacks, and other items you might need at your desk.
    – Made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting.
    – Easy to install and use.


    – Might not be suitable for larger drawers, as it’s only 2.5 inches deep.
    – The dividers might not fit tightly, making them prone to sliding around.

    Buying Guide for Under Desk Drawers

    Looking for the perfect under desk drawer? Our buying guide has everything you need to know to choose the right one for your needs. Discover top-rated options, learn about different materials and features, and find the right fit for your workspace. Shop with confidence and elevate your organization game!

    Size And Dimensions

    Size and dimensions are important factors to consider when looking for an under desk drawer. You need to ensure that the drawer fits perfectly under your desk without taking up too much space or disrupting legroom. Measuring the height, width, and depth of the space where you want to place the drawer will help you choose the right size. Additionally, you may want to consider the weight capacity of the drawer to ensure it can hold your items without breaking or causing damage to your desk.

    Another reason why you should look for size and dimensions when purchasing an under desk drawer is to ensure that it fits your organizational needs. A too small or too big drawer may not serve your purpose well. You want a drawer that can accommodate your documents, files, stationery or other essentials without overcrowding or cluttering. Having an idea of what you plan to keep in the drawer can help you determine the right size and dimensions that will meet your storage needs.

    Material And Durability

    Material and durability are key factors to consider when purchasing an under desk drawer. The material used will determine its sturdiness and longevity. Metal is a common material used for under desk drawers, which is known for its strength and durability. It can withstand heavy loads and resist wear and tear, making it a great choice for long-term use. Additionally, metal drawers often have a smooth finish, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.

    Another reason to consider material and durability when purchasing an under desk drawer is to ensure it can handle the weight of the items you intend to store. If the drawer is not strong enough, it may sag or break under pressure. This can be dangerous, not to mention a waste of money. By investing in a high-quality, durable drawer, you can be sure that it will hold up to daily use and keep your items organized and easily accessible.

    Weight Capacity

    Looking for weight capacity when purchasing an under desk drawer is essential as it ensures the longevity and durability of the product. An under desk drawer with a low weight capacity could collapse, causing damage to the contents inside it as well as potentially injuring the user. Additionally, a higher weight capacity allows for more storage options and versatility in terms of what can be stored in the drawer. Checking the weight capacity before purchasing an under desk drawer ensures that it will be able to withstand the weight of the items you plan to store in it, giving you peace of mind and a reliable storage solution.

    Locking Mechanism

    The locking mechanism is an important feature to consider when purchasing an under desk drawer. It will provide security and prevent unauthorized access to your personal belongings. A locking mechanism will give peace of mind knowing that your documents, electronics, and other valuable items are safe and secure when you are away from your desk.

    In addition, a locking mechanism will help keep your workspace more organized. It will prevent the drawer from sliding out accidentally, spilling its contents on the floor. It will also make it easier to move your desk without worrying about the drawer sliding open and damaging your desk or other items. Overall, the locking mechanism is a crucial feature to look for when purchasing an under desk drawer to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

    Number Of Drawers

    When purchasing an under desk drawer, it is important to consider the number of drawers as it can impact the capacity and organization of items that will be stored. Having more drawers can help increase the amount of items that can be kept separate, reducing the clutter and confusion that can occur when fitting too many items into a single drawer. Additionally, having multiple drawers allows for easier access to frequently used items without having to dig through a single, overcrowded drawer.

    Ease Of Installation

    Ease of installation is key when it comes to purchasing an under desk drawer. You want to make sure the installation process is simple and straightforward, without requiring complicated tools or a professional installer. This way, you can easily add the drawer to your desk without taking up too much time or causing unnecessary frustration. Additionally, if the installation process is easy, you can quickly move the drawer to a different location or desk if needed, without having to worry about a long disassembly/reassembly process.

    An under desk drawer that is easy to install can also be a cost-effective investment. Some drawers require professional installation, which increases the overall cost of the product. However, if you can find a drawer that is easy to install yourself, you can save money and still gain the benefits of having additional storage space under your desk. Additionally, if the installation process is easy enough, you may not need to purchase any additional tools or hardware, further cutting down on costs. Overall, looking for ease of installation can save you time and money, while still providing you with the added convenience of an under desk drawer.

    Color And Design

    Color and design are two essential factors to consider when buying an under desk drawer. Firstly, the color of the drawer should blend in with the color of your desk seamlessly. This can help create a sense of uniformity and ensure that the drawer doesn’t look out of place or disrupt the aesthetic of your workspace. Additionally, the design of the drawer should also be considered. Look for a design that fits the dimensions of your desk and provides ample storage space. The drawer should also be durable and able to withstand the weight of the items you plan on storing in it.

    In summary, when purchasing an under desk drawer, color and design are essential factors that should be considered. With the right color and design, your under desk drawer can complement your workspace and provide the necessary storage space you need to stay organized and focused.


    In conclusion, choosing the best under desk drawer can significantly improve your workspace organization and increase productivity. Our top two picks, Safco Products Onyx Mesh Small Drawer and Officemate OIC Achieva Deep Drawer Tray, are both excellent options that offer ample storage space and durability. Whether you’re looking for a compact drawer that fits snugly under your desk or a deeper tray to store larger items, our buying guide can help you find the top rated under desk drawer for your needs. Invest in a high-quality under desk drawer today and experience the benefits of a clutter-free workspace.

    Overall, the key to finding an under desk drawer is to consider your storage needs and desk space. With a variety of sizes and designs available, you can easily find a drawer or tray that meets your requirements. From organizing documents to storing office supplies, a good under desk drawer can keep your workspace tidy and efficient.