Homemade: Natural Plant Protection with Horsetail Broth

    A bundle of horsetail in hand

    A warm, humid climate, as is currently the rule, increases the spread of fungal diseases in the garden. The signs are visible to the eye: coatings and stains form on the leaves, which initially only look ugly, but in the long term also damage the plants. So something needs to be done here. All the better if you can grow weeds for it, which are undesirable in the garden anyway. We explain how plants can be protected against fungal diseases with homemade horsetail broth!

    A tuft of horsetailWater horsetail in a bucket with a watering canLet the brew simmer for 30 minutesDilute horsetail brothSpray horsetail broth in the garden



    Climate change and stricter plant protection regulations mean that more and more fungal diseases are spreading. Symptoms of fungal diseases often appear, especially in the summer months, which are characterized by alternating dry warm and humid cooling phases.

    The spores spread through the air on dry days and settle on the leaves. Humid microclimate and rainy weather then lead to an infection that shows up either as a conspicuous coating or leaf spots. The fungi parasitize the plants and cause long-term damage. They can be combated either with fungicides (fungicides). Or it can be prevented in time with prophylactic means. The latter includes horsetail broth. And this is easy to do yourself – with plants from the garden, which we see as weeds!


    Horsetail – also widely known as horsetail – is actually one of the most stubborn weeds in the garden. Its control is almost unsuccessful because the horsetail’s roots penetrate up to 80 cm into the ground.

    However, the stubborn plant has a high silica content, which can be used for biological plant strengthening. The treatment strengthens the plant cells, moisture can drain off the leaves better, and fungi have a harder time penetrating. Regular use of horsetail, therefore, reduces the risk of fungal infections.


    But how can horsetail be used? For this purpose, a broth is obtained from the plants: about 1 kg of fresh or 150 g of dried horsetail is placed in 10 liters of water and left to stand for 24 hours. The brew is then gently simmered for 30 minutes. After cooling, the broth is poured through a sieve and diluted in a ratio of 1: 5.

    When applying the finished broth, some rules apply. The horsetail broth is only applied with a syringe on cloudy days or not in direct sunlight. The sprout and the leaves are completely wetted. This treatment can then be repeated regularly to increase the effect. The plants will thank you with an increased resistance!

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