How To Organize Deep Bathroom Drawers

    How To Organize Deep Bathroom Drawers

    Organizing a deep bathroom drawer can be an intimidating task. Most of us are used to having a small variety of items in our bathroom drawers, things like toothpaste and a toothbrush. But a deep bathroom drawer calls for an entirely different approach to organization. It’s a daunting prospect to figure out how to organize deep bathroom drawers and keep them that way, so in this article, we’re going to go over some must-haves for clean up and organization, and give some tips for how to properly store your items so that your deep bathroom drawer stays organized. Let’s dive in and tackle how to organize deep bathroom drawers like a pro.

    Organizing a Deep Bathroom Drawer

    Organizing a deep bathroom drawer can seem like a daunting task as the items stored in such a deep space can easily become cluttered and hard to manage. But fear not – there are ways to make the organization process simpler and more efficient. By incorporating a few must-have supplies for clean up and following a few simple steps to designate a system of organization, it’s possible to create an efficient and long lasting system for managing all of your items. Read on to find out the best tips for placing items in deep bathroom drawers and to learn how to sort through daily, weekly, and monthly items swiftly and easily. Compartmentalizing within your deep drawer will also help to make regular clean outs much easier.

    Must-Have Supplies for Clean Up and Organization

    Keeping a deep bathroom drawer tidy and organized can be a challenge, but a few key supplies will make the process much simpler. High quality storage containers, dividers, and labels can help keep your drawer streamlined and efficient. Here are some must-have supplies for cleaning up and organizing your deep bathroom drawer:

    • Plastic storage containers and bins: use plastic containers of varying sizes to store small items that would otherwise get lost in the depths of the drawer.
    • Dividers: having several smaller sections of the drawer will make it much easier to separate different types of items. You can find adjustable plastic drawer dividers specifically designed for deep drawers.
    • Labels: label everything to help you easily identify and locate items.
    • Small baskets: use baskets to hold smaller items that could get lost in the drawers.
    • Hooks: for items such as tweezers, dental floss, and nail clippers, use hooks to attach them so they are easy to find.

    These supplies will help keep your deep bathroom drawers organized and your items easy to access. Using the right supplies can save you time and energy when it comes to organizing your bathroom drawers and looking for items.

    Creating a System of Organization for Deep Drawers

    Creating a system of organization for deep drawers is key to keeping the bathroom neat and tidy. Before items can be placed in the deep drawer, it is important to determine the purpose of the drawer and the total amount of items that need to be stored. Once that is done, a system can be created on how items and supplies should be placed within the drawer.

    Here are some key tips for creating a system of organization for deep drawers:

    1. Divide items into categories such as first aid materials, beauty products, hygiene supplies, etc.
    2. Place items in some form of plastic container. This will make it easier to sort and access items.
    3. Make use of drawer divider trays – this will help to separate the categories of items from each other and make the drawer look tidier.
    4. Place items with frequent use towards the front, and items that are used less often towards the back.
    5. Hang larger items like brushes, brushes, and cotton balls on hooks or hang them in the back of the drawer. This will help to save on space and keep the items easily accessible.
    6. Place labels on items to easily identify them.
    7. Utilize vertical space with small bins or boxes that can be stacked to maximize storage space.

    Organizing a deep bathroom drawer may seem intimidating at first, but with the right strategies in place, it can be achieved. By taking the time to properly organize a deep drawer, the bathroom stays neat, clean and orderly.

    Tips for Placing Items in Deep Bathroom Drawers

    Placing items in deep bathroom drawers requires some careful planning and sorting of items. Here are some tips for organizing and streamlining your deep bathroom drawers:

    • Sort items into categories. This will help you keep track of what items belong in which drawer. Items that get used regularly can be placed more easily accessed higher up in the drawer, while items that are used less often can be placed lower down in the drawer.
    • Use plastic containers and drawer dividers to keep items separate and organized. Plastic containers will also help protect your items from moisture and dust.
    • Use hooks to hang items. This will free up more space in your deep bathroom drawer for additional items and make it easier for you to access them.
    • Label items so that you know exactly where they are and if you need extra storage containers, baskets or dividers it will be easier to identify what is needed.
    • Clean out your drawers regularly to help keep them organized and prevent clutter from building up.

    Organizing your deep bathroom drawers is important to helping keep your bathroom neat and tidy. By following these tips for placing items in deep bathroom drawers, you’ll create a system of organization that will make it easier to find items, cut down on clutter, and maintain an organized bathroom.

    Sorting Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Items Inside Your Deep Drawer

    Sorting and organizing the items you need to store in your deep bathroom drawers can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips, daily, weekly, and monthly items can be easily sorted and organized into your deep drawer.

    Start by sorting items into categories such as grooming, dental care, and medical items. This will make it easier to view and access items, rather than rummaging through a jumbled mess.

    Next, use plastic containers and drawer dividers to keep items organized. Plastic containers allow you to sort smaller items such as bobby pins, barrettes, and earrings. Drawer dividers will keep items separated and easily accessible.

    It is also helpful to use hooks and labels. Garden hooks, which can be found at most home improvement stores, allow you to hang up hair brushes, curling and flat irons, as well as towels and face clothes. This will save space, as well as make it easier to access and keep organized. Labels are also extremely helpful for identifying items you’ve placed in the drawer.

    Finally, regularly clean out the drawer. Every month or so, go through the drawer and remove any items that are expired or no longer needed. This will help keep the drawer organized, and make it easier to store and access items.

    By following the tips above, you can organize your deep drawer with ease. Here is a breakdown of the items you can sort into your deep bathroom drawer:

    • Grooming Items – Blow dryer, flat and curling irons, tools, brushes, combs, scissors, tweezers, and make-up.
    • Dental Care Items – Toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, toothbrush, and whitening strips.
    • Medical Items – Band-Aids, first-aid supplies, vitamins, medicines, and medical records.
    • Other Items – Towels, washcloths, body sponges, and cleaning products.

    Compartmentalizing within Your Deep Bathroom Drawers

    Compartmentalizing within your deep bathroom drawers is a great way to keep everything organized, accessible, and easy to manage. Using containers, drawer dividers, boxes, and wall organizers is the key to creating an effective system for organizing all of your items. Here are some tips for arranging items within your deep bathroom drawer:

    • Use plastic containers to store items like makeup, accessories, and floss.
    • Put smaller items such as nail clippers, tweezers and safety pins into a shallow compartment.
    • Use drawer dividers to arrange bottles and tubes into a more organized arrangement.
    • Consider using wall organizers and wall hooks to store larger items such as blow dryers and curling irons.
    • Utilize labels or containers to store and organize different categories of items.

    Organizing your deep bathroom drawers using these tips can help make it easier to find items in an organized way and keep everything in its place. It also makes regular clean outs and maintenance much easier, allowing you to effortlessly keep your bathroom drawer tidy.

    Making Regular Clean Outs Easier

    Making regular clean outs of bathroom deep drawers easier is essential to keep them tidy and organized. Here are some tips to help make regular clean outs more efficient:

    • Sort items into categories – Use boxes, containers, hooks and labels to keep items in different categories, like makeup, medicine, skincare, tools, and other items.
    • Remove items no longer needed – If an item has expired or is no longer being used, get rid of it. This will help free up space and reduce clutter.
    • Clean and disinfect – Make sure to regularly clean and disinfect the drawers to prevent bacteria and mold growth. This will help keep the drawers hygienic and prevent infectious diseases.
    • Maintain your system – It is important to maintain the system of organization by regularly checking expiration dates and putting items back in the correct place.
    • Store similar items together – Store items with similar usage together, like toothpaste and toothbrushes. This will help you find items quickly and reduce clutter.

    Regularly cleaning out deep bathroom drawers is essential for quick and easy access to items, and maintaining an organized system of organization. With these tips, you can quickly and easily create a system that works for you, and make your clean outs easier.


    How do you maximize space in deep drawers?

    1. Utilize drawer organizers and dividers. These can help keep items organized and easier to find.
    2. Use stackable containers. When selecting storage containers, opt for those that stack together rather than laying flat to make the most of vertical space.
    3. Hang storage solutions. Install a hanging storage rack on the walls or sides of drawer to create more storage space.
    4. Place different items in different sizes. Utilize a variety of containers of different sizes and shapes to maximize space in the drawer.
    5. Utilize hard to reach places. The sides, back, and corners of drawers often go unused. Consider adding a pegboard or other type of wall hanging organizer to make use of this space.

    How do you organize skinny bathroom drawers?

    1. Start by measuring the drawers so you know what can fit.
    2. Gather supplies, such as bins, dividers, labels, and baskets that fit inside the drawers.
    3. Sort items into categories, such as cotton swabs, facial care items, or nail polish.
    4. Place similar items in the same bin to keep them organized.
    5. Place large items in the back of the drawer so you can fit more items in the front.
    6. Label the bins so you always know where each item belongs.
    7. Place the items in the drawer with the heavier items on the bottom.
    8. Utilize vertical storage options, such as shelf risers and wire baskets, to maximize space.

    What do you store in a deep drawer?

    A deep drawer is a great place to store items that you use less frequently such as extra bedding, seasonal clothing, and fabric buckets for organization. It is also a great place to store larger items, such as bulky board games, sports equipment, and art supplies.


    In conclusion, organizing deep bathroom drawers does not have to be difficult. With the right supplies and system of organization, you can maximize the storage space and keep your items accessible and tidy. Compartmentalizing and labeling items into categories, and regularly cleaning out the drawers, will make organizing and cleaning up much easier and more efficient. With these steps, you can organize your deep bathroom drawers quickly and easily.